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Short-Term Driver Leasing

Short-Term Driver Leasing in Metro-Detroit and West Michigan

If you urgently need a short-term truck driver, you have come to the right place. We operate as a truck driver leasing service to our clients, providing them with truck drivers with the skills and experience to get the job done. However, our drivers enjoy the benefit of being fully employed with ATR. This allows us to compensate them well and ensure that they are among the highest trained and safest drivers on the road. An ATR driver is hands down the most professional drivers in Metro Detroit and West Michigan you will work with, and our employees work every job with the highest level of integrity.

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Short-Term Driver Hiring is the Solution for the Busy Season

When the busy season hits and you find yourself short on reliable transportation, driver leasing can be just the solution your company needs. Driver leasing allows you to short-term right-size your fleet and keep your goods moving. Short-term driver leasing is an excellent way to increase your workforce, without wasting time and money going through the traditional hiring process. Our drivers can be on the road in as little as 24 hours.

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Integrate Driver Leasing Into Your Hiring Process

Your company may use driver leasing as a tool for recruiting. Your company can lease a driver and, in time (according to the contract), hire them to become a full time driver for your company. You may see how the driver performs prior to committing to hiring the individual. Leasing a driver could be an instant fix to a company driver calling off for their shift or filling in for a scheduled vacation. If your company does not have the capability to cover an absent driver, a leased driver could cover for that driver until they return.

Some companies hand over their entire transportation needs to driver leasing. Recently, companies have discovered that with regulations constantly changing, it is more practical to outsource this area than to employ the staff necessary to stay compliant.

Excellence in Safety and a Job Well Done

Our drivers are ready to exceed your expectations in every way. Contact us today and let us create a custom logistics solution for you.

Looking to Drive for a Company That Lets You Set Your Schedule?

America’s Transportation Resources is proud to employ over 400 drivers who have surpassed the expectations and requirements of our customers. We take pride in our flexibility when applying with our company. When you apply, we make sure we understand your commitments and that you clearly understand ours.

America’s Transportation Resources honors our veterans and are pleased to accommodate any military commitments. ATR also takes pride in supplementing our retirees with hours that will assist them monetarily and to fulfill their spare time. Contact us today to begin your new career.

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