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Myths of Driver Leasing

It costs more to lease a driver than to employ a driver.

A: Quite the contrary. Leasing a driver can actually be proven cost effective. See Home Page For List.

Leased drivers are drivers that could not find employment elsewhere.

A: Here at America’s Transportation Resources, all applicants undergo extensive background checks and a full employment history review as well as an intense review of equipment familiarity.

There is a minimum use requirement to leasing a driver.

A: Quite the contrary—this is the convenience of using our services. We are here to provide to your needs, no matter how large or small.

A leased driver can drive unlimited hours a week because we are unaware of what they have driven previously in the week.

A: This statement is untrue. A leased driver from our company must document all hours and keep an updated log book at all times. This information is reviewed daily to assure drivers are within the DOT logbook guidelines.

The chance of getting the same driver back upon request is impossible.

A: If a driver has done a good service for your company, it is in the best interest of all parties to reassign that driver to your company in the future.

We are a small company with only an occasional need. This is not worth the time to utilize driver leasing service.

A: No matter how small or how large your company is, your need is as important to us as any other need. If you have a truck and no driver, you have a need. If you have freight to move, you have a need.

Our insurance company will not cover a driver if they are not an employee of our company.

A: This is the most misunderstood theory. We deal with this question every day and we will resolve your questions at the time we discuss terms.

Leased drivers are not part of a random drug screen selection.

A: Our company does random drug screens quarterly, we follow the DOT guidelines, and we are compliant to all drug screen requirements by the DOT.

Leased drivers are not updated on DOT changes or new regulations.

A: Here at America’s Transportation Resources, we have continuous driver meetings to update, reiterate, and review new and existing DOT rules and regulations.