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Benefits of Driver Leasing

Benefits of Driver Leasing - America's Transportation Resources - leasingLet us hand-deliver a driver who possesses the qualifications unique to your needs.

What are the benefits of using a driver leasing provider for our transportation needs?

  • To pick up the busy season or time when your transportation needs outweigh your current drivers. This eliminates hiring more drivers than you will need in the future when your needs are reduced.
  • Your company may use driver leasing as a tool for recruiting. Your company can lease a driver and, in time (according to the contract), hire them to become a full time driver for your company. You may see how the driver performs prior to committing to hiring the individual.
  • Leasing a driver could be an instant fix to a company driver calling off for their shift or filling in for a scheduled vacation. If your company does not have the capability to cover an absent driver, a leased driver could cover for that driver until they return.
  • Some companies hand over their entire transportation needs to driver leasing. Recently, companies have discovered that with regulations constantly changing, it is more practical to outsource this area than to employ the staff necessary to stay compliant.