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6 Most Common Mistakes

1. Assuming the Company is Always Available

Transportation needs can occur any time of day or night and any day of the week. Be certain that your provider is available 24/7/365 and is not just an answering service.

2. Choosing a Company that Fails to Keep Drivers Current on DOT Rules & Regulations

When choosing a company that will ultimately provide your company with professional drivers, make sure you choose a company that is fully up to date on the DOT rules and regulations. It is the position of the employer to keep their drivers updated on the current regulations.

3. Choosing a Company Whose Drivers DO NOT Meet the Same Hiring Guidelines as Your Company

When someone is sent to your facility to perform services as a professional driver, the driver should possess the same qualifications as the rest of your company drivers.

4. Choosing A Company Based On Cost Instead Of Credibility

Have you ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for?” In some cases, a reduction in services is how the cost from a company is calculated. The idea of hand-selecting a company is to compare services, not the cost. This deciding factor could determine the level of service your company gets.

5. Choosing A Provider that Does Not Specialize in Transportation

If you are looking for a driver to fulfill your needs, it is proven that you should select a provider that specializes in transportation needs only. Agencies that offer multiple talents have to spread their attention into too many areas. This can create a downfall in the attention given to staying abreast of the transportation industry and to maintain DOT compliant requirements that are specific to the industry.

6. Being Misguided by False Statistics Supplied by Non-Motor Carrier Driver Leasing Companies

24 Hour Truck Driving Service - America's Transportation Resources - conesDriver leasing companies do not have a Motor Carrier Profile as they do not have their own MC or DOT numbers. Therefore, statistics showing low accident percentages or Safety Scores ARE NOT supplied by the DOT nor are they listed on the SAFE-STAT review site. They are merely numbers posted to impress your company.
*Ask your Driver Leasing Company representative for their safety history as it cannot be found on any website unless created by the company itself.